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Congratulations to Muhammad Ali Imran, recipient of the 2023 Best Society Liaison Award

IEEE Press would like to congratulate Muhammad Ali Imran who is the recipient of the 2023 Best Society Liaison Award for his work as the @ComSoc Liaison to IEEE Press!

Information About the Award

The IEEE Press Best Liaison Award annually recognizes the liaison that best executes the responsibilities of the role, such as generating book leads and the resulting book society sponsorships, and facilitating conference coverage to support IEEE Press. We also consider some other factors such as attendance at our annual liaison webinar and the liaison’s level of engagement with IEEE and Wiley staff. The award recipient will receive a certificate of recognition.

Professor Imran’s professional biography is below.

Professor Muhammad Ali Imran, based at the University of Glasgow, is a renowned international leader in the field of communication systems. With over 20 years of combined academic and industry experience, he has made pioneering contributions in the areas of self-organized cellular networks and energy-efficient communications, which have been widely cited, incorporated into standards, and adopted commercially. As the Principal Investigator for Scotland 5G Centre’s urban testbed, Prof. Imran is at the forefront of cutting-edge research in 5G technology. He also leads a large research group with over 100 researchers in Scotland, and has played key roles in multi-million pound funded projects, serving as a consultant to international projects and local companies in the field of self-organized networks and 5G technology use cases. In addition to his research accomplishments, Prof. Imran is an international promoter/ambassador for the UK’s Higher Education sector, having successfully led transnational education initiatives. He is recognized with honors and Fellowships such as FIEEE, FIET, FRSE, FRSA, FEAI, and Senior Fellow HEA, showcasing his excellence in the field. Beyond his professional achievements, Prof. Imran is deeply passionate about sharing the benefits of technology equitably across society and is committed to mentoring young talent. His work reflects his dedication to advancing the field of communication systems and promoting the positive impact of technology on society.


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