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IEEE Press Series on Robotics and Automation

Aims & Scope

The IEEE Press book series on Robotics and Automation is designed to appeal to a wide audience with its high-quality publications, including a comprehensive handbook series on various aspects of robotics. This series encompasses a broad range of topics such as Aerial and Field Robotics, Autonomy for Mobility and Manipulation, Human-Robot Interaction, Localization and Mapping, Manipulation and Grasping, Medical and Rehabilitation Robotics, Planning and Simulation, Robot Learning, Soft Robotics, Theoretical Foundations, Visual Perception and Learning, and more. 

In addition, this series acknowledges the growing enthusiasm and interest in robotics research among students globally. It aims to provide aspiring students, who are eager to explore the field of robotics, with content that is both relevant and captivating, making it an invaluable resource for those beginning their journey in robotics research.

Series Editor Wan Kyun Chung

Wan Kyun Chung

Wan Kyun Chung

Dr. Chung is currently Professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Pohang University of Science and Technology. He is a Director of the Robotics Center in POSTECH where 15 professors in Robotics area are involved. His Lab has been designated as National Research Laboratory for intelligent Mobile Robot Navigation by KOSEF (Korea Science and Engineering Foundation) since 2003. His major research focuses are: Robust Control of robots, Mobile Robot, Biomedical and Underwater Robotics, with sponsorship by national agencies (Korea Research Foundation, Department of Commerce and Industry) and industries. Dr. Chung received several best paper awards from Samsung HumanTech, best student paper award from IEEE ICRA in 2003 etc. He has published over 160 journal papers and 350 refereed conference papers. He has more than 10,000 citations and his H-index is 50.

Dr. Chung has served as a program committee member for IEEE ICRA and IROS almost every year. He served as a Conference Local Arrangement Chair for 1999 IEEE/IROS conference, VIDEO proceeding chair in 2001 ICRA. He served as an Editor for IEEE Transactions on Robotics from 2008 to 2013, Editor-in-Chief for Intelligent Service Robotics by Springer Nature during 2016-2022, and International Editorial board for Advanced Robotics. He is a co-author of 3 books published by Springer-Verlag.

Dr. Chung served as Department Head during 2007-2012, Vice president of Research in POSTECH during 2015-2017, Executive Vice President of POSTECH during 2017-2019. Dr. Chung was designated as IEEE Fellow in 2016, member of National Academy of Engineers of Korea in 2017. He was a president of Korea Robotics Society in 2013.

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Submit a Book Proposal

If you are interested in submitting a book proposal for this series, please contact Dr. Chung, or email us.