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Wiley-IEEE Press combines IEEE’s prestige with Wiley’s book publishing prowess to publish high quality books, which serve the global engineering and computer science community. 

Benefits for Authors

By publishing with Wiley-IEEE Press authors gain:

  1. Prestige

    The Wiley-IEEE Press brand is universally recognized by customers, authors, readers, librarians, and IEEE members. Wiley-IEEE Press has a strict review process resulting in high-quality publications. Wiley-IEEE Press has published some of the most distinguished researchers in electrical engineering and computer science and is known for timely, authoritative, practical books.

  2. Visibility and Wide Distribution

    IEEE’s partnership with Wiley offers unrivaled access to the international engineering community. Books are available in multiple formats, through IEEE Xplore, Wiley Online Library, Amazon,, as well as other online retail outlets.

  3. Marketing Support

    Wiley-IEEE Press offers a competitive marketing edge with brand positioning including a dedicated Wiley-IEEE website, global marketing and sales, and a customer-centric approach that helps professional engineers find the solutions that you offer with your book. In addition, Wiley offers author tools to help promote the book within your network.

  4. Competitive Royalties

    The program offers book contracts with competitive royalties equal to other publishers in the field.

  5. Editorial Guidance and Support

    Experienced Series Editors and IEEE society representatives assist authors in the editorial development of their book. The staff at IEEE and Wiley provide personalized assistance to help with the development of the manuscript and support the author through all stages of the publication process.

  6. Author Support

    Wiley’s author services page provides detailed information about the book publishing process and helps authors through the stages of book publishing.

  7. Special Pricing for IEEE Members

    IEEE Members will enjoy your book at a 35% discount. To learn more about this and other member benefits, please see the IEEE member benefits page.

Author Resources

The book publishing journey starts with the submission of the proposal. Proposal templates for the different types of books published by Wiley-IEEE Press can be found here.

For more information on the following stages of the book publication process, please follow the links below.

Dian 300x247

John Dian

Fundamentals of Internet of Things: For Students and Professionals

Author Interview

Each quarter we spotlight an author who has excelled in their field through publishing with IEEE Press.

John Dian

John Dian is the author of Fundamentals of Internet of Things: For Students and Professionals.

He is faculty in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Vancouver, Canada.

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Submit Your Book Proposal

If you are interested in submitting a book proposal for this series, please visit the IEEE Author Center.