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IEEE Press Series on Sensors Technology

Aims & Scope

Sensing phenomena and sensing technology is perhaps the most common thread that connects just about all areas of technology, as well as technology with medical and biological sciences. Until the year 2000, IEEE had no journal or transactions or a society or council devoted to the topic of sensors. It is thus no surprise that the IEEE Sensors Journal launched by the newly-minted IEEE Sensors Council in 2000 (with this Series Editor as founding Editor-in-Chief) turned out to be so successful, both in quantity (from 460 to 10,000 pages a year in the span 2001-2016) and quality (today one of the very top in the field). The very existence of the Journal, its owner, IEEE Sensors Council, and its flagship IEEE SENSORS Conference, have stimulated research efforts in the sensing field around the world. The same philosophy that made this happen is brought to bear with the book series.

Series Editor Vladimir Lumelsky

Vladimir Lumelsky

Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Dr. Vladimir Lumelsky holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the Institute of Control Sciences (ICS), Russian National Academy of Sciences, Moscow.

Prior to moving to the USA, he held academic positions at ICS, doing research in pattern recognition and automatic control, and teaching as Adjunct Professor at Moscow Institute of RadioElectronics. In the USA he has worked in industry, academia, and federal government, holding research, faculty, and administrative positions, such as: at Ford Motor Co. Scientific Labs, Dearborn MI; General Electric Co. Research, Schenectady NY; Professor at Yale University; Professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison (appointments at Mechanical Engrg, Electrical Engrg, Computer Science, and Mathematics departments).

In 2004-2012 he was at NASA-Goddard Space Center, as head of a space robotics laboratory and doing research in flight dynamics. He served as Program Director at National Science Foundation (NSF, 1999-2001) and NSF Representative at USA South Pole Station (2000-2001). Held visiting professor positions at Tokyo Institute of Science, Japan and Weizmann Institute, Israel. He is currently Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Adjunct Professor, University of Maryland-College Park; and independent consultant.

Dr. Lumelsky has been consulting widely for industry, NSF, DoD/DARPA, European Commission, and other agencies, and as a technical expert in court litigation. He has authored over 250 publications (books, journals, conferences, reports); is Founding Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Sensors Journal; served as President of IEEE Sensors Council. He is Fellow of Rockefeller Bellagio Center and IEEE Life Fellow.

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If you are interested in submitting a book proposal for this series, please contact Prof. Lumelsky, or email us.