Featured Books

Yingjie Jay Guo (Editor), Richard W. Ziolkowski (Editor)

July 2022

In Antenna and Array Technologies for Future Wireless Ecosystems, distinguished academics and authors Drs. Y. Jay Guo and Richard W. Ziolkowski deliver a cutting-edge resource for researchers, academics, students, and engineers who need the latest research findings on the newest challenges facing antenna designers who will be creating the technology that drives future 6G and beyond wireless systems and networks.

Timothy H. Kindervatter, Fernando L. Teixeira

August 2022

In Tropospheric and Ionospheric Effects on Global Navigation Satellite Systems, a team of distinguished researchers deliver an accessible and authoritative introduction to all scientifically relevant effects caused by the ionosphere and troposphere on GNSS RF signals. The book explores the origin of each type of propagation effect and explains it from a fundamental physical perspective. Each of the major methods used for the measurement, prediction, and mitigation of ionospheric and tropospheric effects on GNSS are discussed in detail.

Smart Hybrid AC/DC Microgrids: Power Management, Energy Management, and Power Quality Control

Yunwei Ryan Li, Farzam Nejabatkhah, Hao Tian

August 2022

Hybrid AC/DC Microgrids: Power Management, Energy Management, and Power Quality Control provides comprehensive coverage of interconnected smart hybrid microgrids, their different structures, and the technical issues associated with their control and implementation in the next generation of smart grids. This authoritative single-volume resource addresses smart hybrid microgrids??? power management, energy management, communications, power converter control, power quality, renewable generation integration, energy storage, and more.

Albert Chun-Chen Liu, Oscar Ming Kin Law, Iain Law

August 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI) is broadly defined as computers programmed to simulate the cognitive functions of the human mind. In combination with the Neural Network (NN), Big Data (BD), and the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence has transformed everyday life: self-driving cars, delivery drones, digital assistants, facial recognition devices, autonomous vacuum cleaners, and mobile navigation apps all rely on AI to perform tasks. With the rise of artificial intelligence, the job market of the near future will be radically different???many jobs will disappear, yet new jobs and opportunities will emerge.

August 2022

In Modeling and Control of Modern Electrical Energy Systems, distinguished researcher Dr. Masoud Karimi-Ghartemani delivers a comprehensive discussion of distributed and renewable energy resource integration from a control system perspective. The book explores various practical aspects of these systems, including the power extraction control of renewable resources and size selection of short-term storage components.

Position, Navigation, and Timing Technologies in the 21st Century: Integrated Satellite Navigation, Sensor Systems, and Civil Applications

Y. Jade Morton (Editor), Frank van Diggelen (Editor), James J. Spilker Jr. (Editor), Bradford W. Parkinson (Editor), Sherman Lo (Associate Editor), Grace Gao (Associate Editor)

December 2020

Featuring sixty-four chapters that are divided into six parts, this two-volume work provides comprehensive coverage of the state-of-the-art in satellite-based position, navigation, and timing (PNT) technologies and civilian applications. It also examines alternative navigation technologies based on other signals-of-opportunity and sensors and offers a comprehensive treatment on integrated PNT systems for consumer and commercial applications.