Featured Books

Robert Webber

July 2022

Agile has not delivered on its promises. The business side expected faster time to market, but they still experience the long delays of bloated releases. Engineers thought they would be given time to build the product right the first time, but they are rushed under pressure to deliver new features within impossible schedules. What went wrong?

Yaguang Lian

October 2022

Semiconductor Microchips and Fabrication is a practical yet advanced book on the theory, design, and manufacturing of semiconductor microchips that describes the process using the principles of physics and chemistry, fills in the knowledge gaps for professionals and students who need to know how manufacturing equipment works, and provides valuable suggestions and solutions to many problems that students or engineers often encounter in semiconductor processing, including useful experiment results to help in process work.

Jongrae Kim

October 2022

In Dynamic System Modeling & Analysis with MATLAB & Python: For Control Engineers, accomplished control engineer Dr. Jongrae Kim delivers an insightful and concise introduction to the advanced programming skills required by control engineers. The book discusses dynamic systems used by satellites, aircraft, autonomous robots, and biomolecular networks. Throughout the text, MATLAB and Python are used to consider various dynamic modeling theories and examples.

Vincent T. Covello

December 2021

Communicating in Risk, Crisis, and High Stress Situations: Evidence-Based Strategies and Practice is about communicating with people in the most challenging circumstances: high stress situations characterized by high risks and high stakes. The ability to communicate effectively in a high stress situation is an essential communication competency for managers, engineers, scientists, and professionals in every field who can be thrust into demanding situations complicated by stress. Whether you are confronting an external crisis, an internal emergency, or leading organizational change, this book was written for you.

November 2022

Written by highly experienced spacecraft engineers and scientists working at the forefront of the aerospace industry, Spacecraft Lithium-Ion Battery Power Systems is one of the first books to provide a comprehensive treatment of the broad area of spacecraft lithium-ion battery (LIB) power systems technology. The work emphasizes the technical aspects across the entire lifecycle of spacecraft LIBs including the requirements, design, manufacturing, testing, and safety engineering principles needed to deploy a reliable spacecraft LIB-based electrical power system.

Shunbo Lei, Chong Wang, Yunhe Hou

November 2022

The field of structural and operational resilience of power systems, particularly against natural disasters, is of obvious importance in light of climate change and the accompanying increase in hurricanes, wildfires, tornados, frigid temperatures, and more. Addressing these vulnerabilities in service is a matter of increasing diligence for the electric power industry, and as such, targeted studies and advanced technologies are being developed to help address these issues generally—whether they be from the threat of cyber-attacks or of natural disasters.