Featured Books

Dynamic Spectrum Access Decisions: Local, Distributed, Centralized, and Hybrid Designs

George F. Elmasry

September 2020

Prepares engineers to build optimum communications systems by describing at the outset what type of spectrum sensing capabilities are needed. Meant for anyone who has a basic understanding of wireless communications and networks and an interest in the physical and MAC layers of communication systems, this book has a tremendous range of civilian and military applications.

5G DesignDesign and Optimization for 5G Wireless Communications

Haesik Kim

August 2020

This book offers a technical background to the design and optimization of wireless communication systems, covering optimization algorithms for wireless and 5G communication systems design. The book introduces the design and optimization systems which target capacity, latency, and connection density; including Enhanced Mobile Broadband Communication (eMBB), Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communication (URLL), and Massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC).

Smart Sensors for Environmental and Medical Applications

Hamida Hallil (Editor), Hadi Heidari (Editor)

June 2020

This book presents a comprehensive overview of chemical sensors, ranging from the choice of material to sensor validation, modeling, simulation, and manufacturing. It discusses the process of data collection by intelligent techniques such as deep learning, multivariate analysis, and others. It also incorporates different types of smart chemical sensors and discusses each under a common set of sub-sections so that readers can fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of the relevant transducers—depending on the design, transduction mode, and final applications.

SQL Server Database Programming with Visual Basic.NET: Concepts, Designs and Implementations

Ying Bai

June 2020

SQL Server Database Programming with Visual Basic.NET offers a guide to the fundamental knowledge and practical techniques for the design and creation of professional database programs that can be used for real-world commercial and industrial applications. The author—a noted expert on the topic—uses the most current version of Visual Basic.NET, Visual Basic.NET 2017 with Visual Studio.NET 2017. In addition, he introduces the updated SQL Server database and Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Express. All sample program projects can be run in the most updated version, Visual Basic.NET 2019 with Visual Studio.NET 2019.