IEEE Press Series on Human-Machine Systems

Aims and Scope

The IEEE Press Series on Human-Machine Systems, established in June 2019, is published by IEEE Press and Wiley.  It covers integrated human/machine systems at multiple scales, including areas such as human/machine interaction; cognitive ergonomics and engineering; assistive/companion technologies; human/machine system modeling, testing and evaluation; and fundamental issues of measurement and modeling of human-centered phenomena in engineered systems.

Series Editor: Giancarlo Fortino

Professor of Computer Engineering
University of Calabria, Italy

Giancarlo Fortino (SM’12) received the Ph.D. degree in computer engineering from the University of Calabria (Unical), Italy, in 2000, where he is currently a Full Professor of computer engineering with the Department of Informatics, Modeling, Electronics, and Systems. He is also a Guest Professor with the Wuhan University of Technology, China, a High-End Expert with HUST, China, a Senior Research Fellow with ICAR-CNR Institute, a CAS PIFI visiting scientist of SIAT (Shenzhen) and a Distinguished Professor with Huazhong Agricultural University (Wuhan). He is the Director of the SPEME Laboratory, Unical, as well as the Co-Chair of joint labs on the IoT established between Unical and WUT, SMU and HZAU Chinese universities, respectively. He has authored over 450 articles in international journals, conferences, and books. His research interests include agent-based computing, wireless (body) sensor networks, and the IoT. He is currently a member of the IEEE SMCS BoG and the IEEE Press BoG, and the Chair of the IEEE SMCS Italian Chapter. He is a (founding) Series Editor of the IEEE Press Book Series on Human-Machine Systems, the EiC of the Springer Internet of Things Series, and an AE of many international journals, such as the IEEE TAC, the IEEE THMS, the IEEE IoTJ, the IEEE SJ, the IEEE SMCM, Information Fusion, JNCA, and EAAI. He is a Co-Founder and the CEO of SenSysCal S.r.l., a Unical spinoff focused on innovative IoT systems.

Submit a Book Proposal

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